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White papers

Effective white papers begin at the intersection of business need and fulfillment. How will you tell your story?

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In the fast-paced business environment, blogs are bite-sized morsels of critical information your customers can devour in minimal time.

How Effective Is Your Content? blog


Feature articles and bylines establish your presence as a thought leader, but require the right tone and style to be effective.

Life Sciences article pgs. 8-9


Words are the essence of your message, but visual appeal is critical to getting noticed.

Event guide layout

Awesome Projects

Great writing & design comes with understanding customer needs

Blogs/Emails/Ad Campaigns

TRAVEL: Seaside Sanatorium

EMAIL CAMPAIGN: Email Promotion

BROCHURE: Out-of-the-box Solution for Plastic Surgeons

White papers




HEALTHCARE: Feature Article pages 8-9

TRAVEL: Saving Costa Rica

HEALTHCARE: Healthcare Enters the Age of Exploration

White papers


EVENTS: Onsite Guide


INFOGRAPHIC: On the Move Infographic.pdf

creating insightful & beautiful content

About the Company

Freelance copywriting, editing and design

kathleen hesketh

"freelance copywriter, business content writer, editor and layout specialist."

"founder of seconds to go, travel blog for those on the move."

I am Kathleen Hesketh, experienced creator of B2B content that helps businesses educate their consumers, establish their identity, and of course sell.

There is one thing I've learned in creating hundreds of pieces of content. No matter who you are, the business you represent, or the industry you serve, everyone has an original story to tell and a previously unheard point of view.

My job is to discover the elements that make your story unique and express it through words and images, using your brand's voice and style to engage with your audience.

With a widely varied background, I've created content, including layouts, covering a variety of topics and industries:

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences & pharmaceuticals
  • IT services
  • Travel
  • Plastic surgery
  • Pets
  • And more

So, whether you're looking for someone to write or provide the layout for your next stellar blog, white paper, article or even brochure, I'm here to help. And even if you've already crafted your content and want some editing advice, I can do that too.

Writing and designing is what I love, and working with the many businesses that I serve is what makes my career a fulfilling experience.

ali Z. patton

"junior writer & editor."

Ali Patton is our junior staff writer and a whiz at researching, editing and proofreading. She keeps our content machine primed and running at optimal efficiency, so we can meet client deadlines and help them realize top results.

Ali trained with the New York Institue of Photography, and we can't wait to put her skills in photography and Photoshop to work, creating original and unique images for your layouts.

Ali Z. Patton

capabilities & Skills

My capabilities extend across a wide range of content formats.

  • White papers

  • Articles & thought leadership

  • Email copy

  • Brochures

  • Press releases

  • Editing & proofreading

  • InDesign & Illustrator

Why Choose Us?

Contact us via email or phone during normal business hours, and we will respond the same day. We are located in the Hartford, CT area and operate on eastern time.
We love being creative and developing new ways to communicate, but understand the need for a professional demeanor in business. We can strike a balance between the two to make sure your content gets noticed.
Experience in creating communications aimed at attracting attention, developing brand and getting results.

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White papers


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  • and up
  • depending on the length and complexity of the project
  • Includes:
  • one round of revisions

Email copy


  • and up
  • depending on the length of the project
  • Revisions billed on an hourly basis



  • and up
  • depending on the length and complexity of the material
  • Includes;
  • one round of revisions

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